Toilet / Kitchen towel/ Maxi roll

A7. Toilet paper, kitchen towel and maxi roll-3 (JRT rewinding machine)

This requirement can products the toilet paper, Kitchen towel and Maxi roll according to the requested in the same machine.

1. Machine width: 2900mm
2. Jumbo roll width: 2760mm
3.Jumbo roll diameter: 2000mm
4. Base weight: 14 – 30 g/m
5. Working speed: 350 – 400 m/min.
6. Finish product core diameter: 3” (76.3mm) (or as per customer’s requirement)    
7. Perforation length: 76,3mm (or as per customer’s requirement) 
8. Finish roll diameter: 130mm – 280mm
9. Basket core for paper core log
10. Auto transfer for max roll system
11. Chuck system
12. Lamination system
13. Glue station
14. Embossing unit 1 (for 2 ply with lamination)
15. Back stand
16. Automatic tension control

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