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A10A. Wet towel making machine (Roller type)

From Buck Material to Packaged Towels is Completely Automatic. The Simplicity and Easy Operation, Greatly Reduces Labor Costs and Guarantees.

A Thoroughly Sanitary Products Being Completely Automatic.

The wet towel are untouched by human from start to finish, which prevents the spread of germs and contagious diseases by human control.
Guaranteeing you of a safe and soft.
Use in restaurant, hotel, hospital, tourist bus and train
Especificaciones del producto

 1. Packing  item:  non-woven, tissue paper  (1 Sheet)
  2. Packing material: CPP, OPP laminated film... ETC.
  3. Packing type: Pillow type single bag
  4. Folding type: Roller type or napkin type
  5. Unfold size paper: 200~270 mm (W) x 200~ 270 mm (L)
  6. Fold size: 30 ~ 50mm (W) x 110-190 mm (L)
  7. Packing speed: 100~250 bags/ min
  8. Folding device: 1 set
  9. Packing device: 1 set
10. Date coder device: 1 set
11. Storage conveyer: 1 set

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